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Dec 18, 2022

Download Human: Fall Flat APK – latest version – and enjoy one of the greatest games of today fully unlocked. Download now!


If you have heard about Human: Fall Flat, the game that was praised by many famous gamers released on PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PS5, now the mobile version has appeared. Here you just need to take your character to run from the starting point to the finish line, sounds very simple right? But if it was as simple as that, then Human: Fall Flat would not have attracted so many players. Each map is full of obstacles, but most of all, the character you control will not be able to stand, but always wobble as if about to fall, so it is quite difficult to control it in the right direction. To reach your destination you will have to find ways, think a lot of bold ideas and need friends to help too. Instead of scary monsters or difficult puzzles, Human: Fall Flat gives you the clumsy but extremely cute puzzles, these simple things have made Human famous: Fall Flat, let's experience it with me right away.

About Human: Fall Flat Apk

Human Fall Flat combines quite popular genres. Game is a puzzle that can stimulate your brain well. You'll navigate through different surfaces, buildings, and objects. Climb and fall, ride various vehicles, enjoy panoramic city views and much more.

Human: Fall Flat game detail

Human Fall Flat is also worth noting a few other entertainment options. You can walk in the woods, light fires and arrange gatherings, take part in a round of golf, and tour the lab. You visit a racetrack or even a big city with many skyscrapers. Levels are constantly being added, the number of placement options is constantly increasing.
Having so many puzzles to solve is the only way he can escape from surreal places. The important thing in the game is creativity as well as exploration. You can use different options as long as you win.


Human: Fall Flat game detail

Highlights of Human Fall Flat Apk

Brain-damaging puzzle

This is a puzzle game. It has a lot of mind puzzles that need you to solve. There are about 12 levels full of different fun distractions and challenging puzzles.

Interact anywhere

Human: Fall Flat game detail

Each level has a fairly large number of objects. Can interact with each of them. You just need to move some object somewhere or apply it. Some things may seem completely useless, but at the right time and place, you need them more than ever. You will find yourself in completely different positions. You must be able to orient yourself at the right time, so as not to waste everything in vain. Difficult levels often happen, but because you are together, everything is much easier for you.

Multiplayer mode

Human Fall Flat is a super fun game with lots of fun puzzles. The game will make you smile while playing. One way to get the best experience from this game is to play the multiplayer modes. You can play this mode with friends, family or even with strangers.

Human: Fall Flat game detail

Customize to your liking

Playable characters can be completely unique. You need to configure it in a special menu. There are dozens of different options that you can change. You can even compete with your team to see who is the most creative.


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